Scalp Micropigmentation- A Great Treatment For Your Hair

smp long hairA tattoo which is known as SMP or scalp micropigmentation is created especially for the usage of males as a viable solution for the baldness. This scalp micropigmentation process consists to have the scalp tattooed with small dots which resembles a stubble appearance and gives you a look of a shaved head. It is not like the hair transplanting which an invasive surgery is involved and there will be no down time as well as no scarring. Even though scalp micropigmentation is considered as a tattoo, you will not have to visit a normal tattoo parlour. Instead, the treatments will be conducted with privacy strictly, at the new Leeds clinic in West Yorkshire.

If you are a person who is listening to the media who always promises to give a miracle to cure baldness within the near future which will never be materialized, this scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution for you. You may wonder what it would like to have tattooing stubble on your head and what your friends or other people in your office may think. You may also have a feeling whether the color will turn into green or something when you are first walking in the sun.

In the first treatment of scalp micropigmentation or SMP, you will undergo a pain or maybe not. Sometimes you will not undergo any pain at all. The initial treatment is a foundation for the scalp micropigmentation process. The first tiny dot layer are not dense in this initial stage. And in this process you should not have any sweating, showering or direct sunlight for about four days. For the people who are working, it will be worst not to work for four days.

After a week you will have to undergo your second treatment which will be providing your second dot layer. The pain in this will be comparable to the first treatment which is now really taking shape. In your third session, it will add another tiny dot layer. The practitioner will focus on any patching sessions and merging the treatment in with the existing hair of you. You may find some kind of pain in this third treatment mostly, on sides of your head particularly which is of course bearable. After about three hours, your treatment will be finished.

However there are some rules which will help you to make your treatment last. This will include sunblock when you are going out in the sun and also keeping the head moisturized. Skalp stand by the work and treatment will come with a guarantee of twelve months in a case where any part of your treatment may fade. This will be unlikely but is offering a peace of mind.

For the males who have already shave their heads or have used to have closely cropped hair, this scalp micropigmentation will be providing you a cost effective , immediate as well as a perfect answer for the hair loss problem which will be backed by a skilled practitioner, good after sales service as well as a great approach. This SMP or scalp micropigmentation is providing a perfect solution for the male pattern baldness and hair loss.


SMP- A Great Solution For The Hair Loss

completeThe first company who has done the Scalp Micropigmentation is HIS hair clinic. After 12 years, it was able to locate its clinic in seven countries and has become the global leader in this area. They are the original founders of the scalp micropigmentation technique. Ian Watson who was a co-founder of this clinic was the 1st person to undergo this treatment which was performed by Ranbir Rai Watson who was also a co-founder. From the initiation of this clinic, it was able to help many males across the world leaving the hair loss issues behind. The people who have gone through the hair restoration surgery and had scars, skin conditions and worn hair also were able to undergo scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation or SMP is known as a process which is highly specialized where tiny pigment deposits are located in a dermal layer of skin. When this is applied by a practitioner, the deposits will to give a look of real shaven hair. The scalp micropigmentation treatment is very flexible. The clients can specifically request the style they want about the frontal hairline as well as side profiles or they can ask for super soft or defined broken line of hair. This SMP process will create styles you need and the practitioners who are doing this are very skilled and will cater to every requirement including the treatments for the white, black, Hispanic as well as Asian skin tones.

The scalp micropigmentation in the HIS clinic is providing the patients a permanent answer for their hair loss problems. And all that a recipient need to do is keeping the hair cut to the correct length by using hair clippers and an electric razor or shaver. The hair length which must be cut is solely depending on the hair loss extent of each recipient. It is also recommended that every recipient to keep their skin hydrated by moisturizing scalp regularly as well as healthy. Short touch up sessions will be required for a few types of clients from time to time and these sessions may be at least 5 years apart in such cases.

So, what happens in the SMP process? Every client is invited for a participation in a free consultation session with a member in the team of HIS clinic. In many cases, the consultations will be conducted face to face. But some clients who are living overseas and others who are feeling it difficult to travel to the HIS clinic, the consultations will be conducted via Skype or email which they will prefer. Most of the scalp micropigmentation treatments will be completed in two to three sessions and additional sessions will be required which will depend on the circumstance.

Results of the scalp micropigmentation will be directly linked with the skill of the practitioner as well as the pigment quality which are applied. You may have a question whether this scalp micropigmentation process will conceal you alopecia, scars and imperfections. The answer is absolutely yes. Many clients will acquire skin blemishes as well as scars in their lifetime and they will wish to conceal it. This consists of FUE and strip scars which are caused by hair restoration surgery and other imperfections like skin conditions and burns. SMP is used to conceal alopecia areata most commonly and the other forms like traction alopecia as well as alopecia totalis will be also straightforward to camouflage by using this scalp micropigmentation process.

The Latest Hair Loss Solution- Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP A Unique Hair Loss SolutionThe world’s recent technique for hair loss solution in the recent history is known as scalp micropigmentation. Although this scalp micropigmentation or SMP is the most exciting invention from the hair loss industry as there is no doubt about it for years, there are many misleading and false information which are circulating around. This article will guide you on the scalp micropigmentation world by giving you informative as well as a clear image of the possible solutions as well as a range of guidelines which will support you and which will be helping you to select the correct provider for the treatments according to the unique requirements you have.

So, what is scalp micropigmentation? This can be called as a novel remedy to treat the baldness and this SMP process is the essential process to have your scalp tattooed with the small dots which resemble stubble appearance, providing you a ‘buzz-cut’ as well as short hairstyle. This is touted as a solution which immediately address the problem of hair loss. There is no invasive surgery, no down time as well as no scarring.

Why so you need scalp micropigmentation? There is a hope for the males who are suffering from the hair loss and there will be a little hope for the males who are bald totally. Scalp micropigmentation will give you a hairline approximation as well as some hair appearance even if it is a stubby one. This can be used for camouflage transplant scars as well as to shade small areas where the hair is thinning in order to make hair to appear denser. This is a very good option for men who are suffering from alopecia universalis.

This scalp micropigmentation process will not penetrate the skin deeply similar to the normal tattooing; instead the color can be matched with your previous hair color as well as the skin tone. Not like tattoo ink, it will retain the color of it and also you will not be starting off with the black dots and end up with a red head few years later.

Practitioner will get agreed with a suitable hairline which will match you based on your previous hairline and the shape of the face. Then what they do is, adding the tiny dots over the scalp of you. A sitting will last typically for three hours and if your whole head is treated with SMP a few hours will be needed. This scalp micropigmentation treatment will be permanent although this can be adjusted or in some cases be reversed. And you do not have to worry about going grey because if the rest of hair becomes, this treatment can be touched up to match.

So you may have a question whether you will get hurt during this SMP process. It will hurt less than when having a normal tattoo and a lot less than a hair transplant certainly. Anaesthetics will be available in order to numb the scalp even though most of the men cannot manage this.